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New Partners Teleservices is a fun, successful, fast growing call center providing outbound telemarketing services for various political, non-profit, and progressive organizations.

All employees receive paid training, paid time off, paid breaks, and 401k. Full-time employees are eligible for company sponsored health insurance and all employees are eligible for weekly and monthly incentives.

We offer flexible scheduling; with full and part time opportunities available, as well as work from home opportunities.

We have years of experience running fundraising, modeling survey, voter identification, persuasion and GOTV calls throughout the country.

We have three phone centers in Minnesota, located in Eveleth, Melrose, Little Falls, and all of our agents are represented by the Communication Workers of America. Our team members can work from one of our call centers, or work from their home.

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For all hiring inquiries, please call: 320-774-0886.

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