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Peer-to-peer texting is quickly becoming a staple in most organizations’ outreach toolkits – especially those looking for low-cost, quick, and effective ways to create meaningful one-on-one relationships with their audience, collect data including audience insights, and build support for their cause. And all for a fraction of the cost of traditional means of outreach!

New Partners sends millions of messages each week from our contact centers, and we offer the capability to text at a scale that can’t be achieved using staff or volunteers. With open rates above 90%, SMS is currently the best method available to reach and drive action from your universe of constituents, supporters, customers, or voters.

New Partners specializes in the following types of SMS outreach:

  • Fundraising. Make simple, heartfelt pitches for the funding your organization needs.
  • Survey participation. Augment your data set with targeted surveys or polls.
  • Volunteer recruitment. Activate your grassroots army of advocates and grow your base of support.
  • GOTV. Drive voters to the polls with targeted, compelling texts.
  • Interest building. Get even more people behind your proposed legislation, initiative, platform, or cause.
  • Event invitations. Fill your next venue or virtual event with highly engaged and motivated individuals.

Have a team of active, engaged volunteers you’d like to send text messages on behalf of your campaign, organization or cause? Check out New Partners’ full suite of self-service/volunteer texting and calling solutions through our Blu Contact brand.

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