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New Partners offers a comprehensive suite of outreach services to meet your needs.

Teleservices (Phones)

Sometimes all you need to do is ask! Leverage our advanced predictive dialing platform and company-owned contact centers staffed with highly trained union employees to motivate your supporters. As the nationwide leader in political and nonprofit phone outreach, New Partners can help by getting them on the phone and asking for their participation, donation, or other active support.


Peer-to-peer texting is quickly becoming a staple in most organizations’ outreach toolkits – especially those looking for low-cost, quick, and effective ways to create meaningful one-on-one relationships with their audience, collect data including audience insights, and build support for their cause. And all for a fraction of the cost of traditional means of outreach!

Voter Identification

Want to know who’s for you? Who’s against you? Who’s on the fence? We can help you identify your most likely supporters, voters, or even customers. Without the right data to guide your outreach, you will either end up being wrong or lucky – but you can’t build long-term success by relying on good fortune and gut feelings. Stick with real-world data collection, observation, testing, and insights.

Fundraising & Development

Fundraising and development is a necessary component of any successful paid communications effort, but it is also one of the most challenging. Whether it’s building a donor base from scratch, reengaging lapsed users, or nurturing and expanding existing donor relationships, New Partners can help. We have an expert team of fundraising pros who can help raise the funds necessary to advance the goals of your campaign, organization, or cause.

Polling & Modeling:

Political polling and modeling blends art and science to capture actionable insights your organization can use to position yourself for success. New Partners can help your team conduct survey outreach that produces meaningful results you can use to bring about successful outcomes.

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