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Voter Identification

Want to know who’s for you? Who’s against you? Who’s on the fence? We can help you identify your most likely supporters, voters, or even customers. Without the right data to guide your outreach, you will either end up being wrong or lucky – but you can’t build long-term success by relying on good fortune and gut feelings. Stick with real-world data collection, observation, testing, and insights.

Interactions with your target audience should be conversational, not a one-way message delivery. Whether your team decides to leverage phone, SMS outreach, or both, our union-backed contact center agents take their time and communicate effectively to your universe of supporters.

These calls can be simple surveys to identify the contact’s likelihood to vote or preferred candidate, or they can include persuasion messaging or issue-based questions with dynamic scripting. With our accuracy scores, you can be assured that 1) we are speaking with the precise individuals you have asked us to connect with, and 2) the data you receive is accurate and can be trusted to inform your campaign decisions.

New Partners has the staff infrastructure and quality control mechanisms to be hands-on in assisting with your voter turnout programs, using paid phones to add breadth, repetition, and urgency to your GOTV efforts.

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