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Teleservices (Phones)

Sometimes all you need to do is ask! Leverage our advanced predictive dialing platform and company-owned contact centers staffed with highly trained union employees to motivate your supporters. As the nationwide leader in political and nonprofit phone outreach, New Partners can help by getting them on the phone and asking for their participation, donation, or other active support.

Put New Partners’ decades of experience servicing hundreds of efforts across the country to use! Our union contact center representatives have handled millions of person-to-person contacts with a proven track record of success. These high quality, professional employees deliver results for our clients every day.

New Partners offers the best pricing in the industry in large part because we own our own contact centers. In addition to the competitive rates, owning our contact centers means we can ensure your team receives exceptional service and high-quality contacts for each outreach campaign you conduct with our company.

New Partners specializes in the following forms of phone outreach:

  • Polling and ID calls. Develop accurate data that team can use to guide strategy and generate successful outcomes.
  • Volunteer recruitment. Activate your grassroots army of advocates and grow your base of support.
  • GOTV. Drive voters to the polls with targeted, compelling phone outreach.
  • Fundraising. Make personal, heartfelt pitches for the funding your organization needs.
  • Survey Participation. Augment your data set with targeted surveys.
  • Interest building. Get even more people behind your proposed legislation, initiative, platform, or cause.
  • Event invitations. Fill your next venue or virtual event with highly engaged and motivated individuals.

Have a team of active, engaged volunteers you’d like to conduct calls on behalf of your campaign, organization, or cause? Check out New Partners’ full suite of self-service/volunteer calling and texting solutions through our Blu Contact brand.



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