What We Do

Working with you, we’ll tailor a strategy that is focused, accountable, and has the ability to grow to suit your needs.

Teleservices and Texting

Sometimes all you need to do to get help is ask. New Partners can help motivate your supporters by calling and texting them and asking them to join in. We also do this at scale that few can match. 

Digital Services

Digital targeting helps our clients present their message to the intended audience, no matter where they spend their time online. Our creative team will help you do it beautifully. 


From campaigns to corporations, we will work with your organization to define what winning looks like and create a strategy that achieves your communications goals and fits into your larger organizational plan.

Grassroots & Coalition Building

In its simplest form, grassroots is about connecting with people and inspiring them to take action.  We have successfully initiated and executed grassroot campaigns directed at all levels of government, and to influence the actions of private companies.


Decisions made with more information lead to better outcomes. At New Partners, our research team creates comprehensive research reports that both detail and contextualize your greatest assets and weaknesses.

Finance & Development

Online fundraising, direct marketing appeals, traditional fundraising events, or just getting in front of the right people at the right time are our specialties.

Data Science

Without the right data, you are either wrong or lucky. But you can’t build long-term success on good fortune and magical thinking. Stick with real-world data collection, observation, testing, and insight. Science, not lucky charms. Imagine the power you are going to have.

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