Identify. Persuade. Organize. Motivate. Activate. Our team can help you win a campaign, advance an agenda, define an issue and build a movement through the power of people talking to people.

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In its simplest form, grassroots is about connecting with people and inspiring them to take action. At New Partners we have an acute understanding of what motivates people, the aptitude to analyze on-the-ground dynamics, and the wherewithal create an engagement. We have successfully initiated and executed grassroot campaigns directed at all levels of government, and to influence the actions of private companies.

Where grassroots advocacy revolves around creating a movement from the ground up, grasstops is about going directly to the source of power. Grasstops advocacy relies heavily on established relationships and the ability to enlist or communicate directly with thought leaders, influencers, and decision makers. New Partners has a team that has spent years building strong relationships in red and blue states and in Washington, D.C. These political relationships have also translated into strong connections with influencers in the media and the private sector.

Building the coalition necessary to tip the scale in your favor can require either grasstops or grassroots advocacy, or a mixture of both. We know we can help you determine what is necessary, and devise and execute a plan that will win.

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