Digital targeting helps our clients present their message to the intended audience, no matter where they spend their time online. Our creative team will help you do it beautifully.

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New Partners Digital Division offers a broad range of services that can assist your effort from initiation through planning, execution, and scaling. 

New Partners’ creative team can help you plan and create all of your digital assets. This can include your digital home: an attractive, intuitive and useful website. New Partners can also create compelling videos, banner ads, and dynamic media needed to tell your story. New Partners has worked with campaigns of various sizes and scope — we’ve created digital campaigns for national and statewide campaigns, as well as for local issues and candidates.  Whether on a small or grand scale, our goal is to design creative that communicates your story and helps achieve your goals. 

New Partners digital advertising offers unmatched ability to deliver your message to the targets you identify. New Partners can take your list of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and identify the targets online. This allows us to only deliver ads to your intended audiences’ smartphone, tablet or computer. This maximizes the efficiency of your media investment by focusing resources on individuals you want to communicate with and not wasting them on anyone else. We can help you target using device-id, cookies, retargeting, and IP-address. We can also focus by demographics, helping clients choose the age range of our list. Another option is contextual targeting, which looks for individuals with particular interests that our clients identify. Finally, geo-targeting allows us to target consumers or voters in a physical location. 

New Partners offers data analysis and comprehensive reporting for all digital campaigns. Our analytics tools use the data compilation that is part of any advertising campaign to provide unique insights for clients.This includes ad attribution: providing clients relevant information about which messaging, method and individuals are driving engagement, action, or sales. Our digital reporting system is provided to clients and is accessible 24 hours a day with real-time results. 

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