What do you want to say and who do you want to listen? At New Partners, we will make sure you are heard.

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We have the experience and we can help. We know what it’s like to be in must-win situations that pop up overnight and how to win long-sustained battles. From campaigns to corporations, New Partners will work with your organization to define what winning looks like and create a strategy that achieves your communications goals and fits into your larger organizational plan.

Navigating today’s ever-changing media landscape is not easy. At New Partners we are constantly doing press outreach to ensure that our clients are prepared as issues arise in real time. We will craft messages, determine optimal outlets, and prepare your team, or principal, for interviews to ensure that the story you want to tell ends up in the news. We can also prepare your principal for important speeches or your candidate for debates.

New Partners also has the unique ability to improve the functionality and effectiveness of your current communications operation. We have successfully helped organizations across the country increase their capacity and improve outcomes with no additional staff.

New Partners’ team has experience working on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential races, top tier Senate races in deep red and blue states, and congressional battlegrounds across the country. We have put together winning communications plans for clean energy coalitions fighting uphill legislative battles.

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