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Corey Day

Corey has decades of experience managing political, advocacy and public affairs campaigns. He has worked coast-to-coast helping candidates, organizations, corporations and advocacy groups at the local, state and federal level.

In addition to directing various state and field operations for the presidential campaigns of John Kerry,  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Corey served as the longtime executive director of the Minnesota Democratic-Famer-Labor (DFL) Party, where he helped oversee the Party’s local, state and federal election campaigns.  Through his many years of managing campaigns, Corey possesses a unique understanding and perspective on how to build coalitions and leverage grassroots organizing to help candidates and organizations achieve their goals.

Recently, Corey has served as CEO of Blue Ox Strategies. He has utilized innovative field and media campaigns to help clients build affinity with consumers, voters, activists and donors.

Corey lives in the Twin Cities where he manages the Minneapolis office of New Partners.


Jerry Samargia

Jerry has decades of experience in campaign strategy, direct contact and grassroots mobilization, development, and corporate and political consulting.

In both 2008 and 2012, Jerry served as the lead direct contact strategist for President Barack Obama’s campaigns.  In both elections, Jerry worked very closely with the Obama data and analytics teams to help build predictive models and to create a national and battleground states direct contact strategy that helped to persuade voters to vote for Barack Obama and turn out on his behalf.

Previous to joining New Partners, Jerry worked at Meyer Teleservices from 2004 to 2009 where he advised dozens of corporations, campaigns and organizations in the science and art of movement building, persuasion marketing and grassroots mobilization.

Jerry has been a leading strategist in Minnesota politics for more than 20 years, including previously managing the Minnesota coordinated campaign during Senator Paul Wellstone’s re-election campaign in 2002 – the nation’s most highly targeted race and the largest coordinated campaign in state history.

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