craig schirmer

hometown: Los Angeles, CA
services: Strategic Positioning
greatest hits:
  • Served as an early state strategist for the four crucial early states on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Later managed the key primary victories of Wisconsin and North Carolina, as well as the decisive battleground state of Pennsylvania in the general election.
  • Managed or worked on a number of hotly contested campaigns, including California Treasurer Phil Angelides’s gubernatorial campaign, former White House chief of staff Erskine Bowles’s U.S. Senate race against Elizabeth Dole, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer’s U.S. Senate race, and Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s campaign against Mitt Romney.
  • Served as field director - managing all grassroots operations and voter-contact strategy - for Vice President Al Gore’s crucial 2000 New Hampshire primary victory.
bet you didn’t know: Craig went swimming with Great White Sharks in South Africa. OK, actually he was in a cage. Sharks were not.