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In today’s high-velocity, ever-changing, and complex media environment, it is essential to have a message and a communications plan that will help your organization define the issues rather than be defined by them.

Whether you are launching a new campaign, redefining your organization, or raising awareness of an issue, each effort presents substantial communications challenges and requires significant coordination.

We will create messages and materials that are clear and compelling and use our expertise with traditional and new media to break through the noise and make sure that your voice is heard.

We’ll help you craft and execute a strategic communications plan designed to engage, educate, empower, influence and activate.

We will help you:

  • Shape the public image of your organization
  • Garner national and local media attention through innovative tactics
  • Craft a new media strategy, working with bloggers and online communities to communicate your message
  • Draft written materials for the media, including press releases, talking points, opinion pieces, policy reports and blog posts
  • Provide access to a national network of media operatives who can help attract attention to your issue
  • Identify key spokespeople to serve as credible sources of information on relevant issues by briefing them on news programs, and arranging meetings with editorial boards